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Generally speaking, red wine and champagne are the most common choices when it comes to meat dishes. But are wine, champagne, and shochu-based beverages the only ones that actually go well with meat dishes?“It is clear that sake can also be made to go well with meat dishes, especially wagyu beef. “"Sake should appear more in steak and yakiniku restaurants."Those thoughts were the starting point of our product development.

Sake-based sparkling liqueur

“Wagyu Sanka” is a Japanese sake-based liqueur with a hint of bitter orange (daidai) juice blended into it. It is a sparkling liqueur that has been carbonated to the perfect degree with a subtle sakura aroma.


Its dry and solid taste makes it a perfect complement to Japanese cuisine such as steak, yakiniku and sukiyaki. This liqueur enhances the rich umami, sweetness and aroma of the meat. The meat’s umami and the liqueur’s full body leave a pleasant aftertaste.


The bitter orange juice and the sakura aroma combined with carbonization have refreshing effects, offsetting the oil residue in the mouth. It leaves you craving another sip. This ultimate combination mutually enhances the cuisine and the liqueur. 12% alcohol content is slightly high for a liqueur. The alcohol content has been configured for those who enjoy liquor.

Letters and artwork created by Tanseki Ogino

Product label by a calligrapher with life breathed into the sake The product label for ”Wagyu Sanka” is based on traditional writing and ink, written by a renowned calligrapher Tansetsu Ogino, the creator of many and varied works ranging from purely written characters and art. his most well-known works include the letter design for whiskeys “Hibiki” and “Chita,” the wine “Tomino Oka,” mineral water “Minami Alps no Tennen Sui”, NHK drama “Asuka” and “Shinsengumi!” and “Sakuya Kono Hanakan” at the Osaka Flower Expo.

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※ お酒は20歳を過ぎてから。
※ 飲酒運転は法律で禁止されています。
※ 妊娠中や授乳期の飲酒は、胎児・幼児の発育に悪影響を与えるおそれがあります。