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[Myo-cha] now on sale

[Wagyu sanka] now on sale

Junmai Daiginjo x the first harvest Matcha - The best marriage

Preserving tradition,

building the future


Product information

Japanese Sake 'Sen no Rikyu'

We have rebuilt a brewery in Sakai, and with the hope that our sake will help to create a vibrant town and become a symbol of the town...

With this in mind, we have named our signature brand 'Sen no Rikyu' after St.Rikyu, who was born in this area and who established the tea ceremony.


Myo-cha liqueur

Featured on TV and in newspapers!

The tea liqueur “Myo-cha” series from Rikyugura consists of 4 types:  Matcha, Sakura Matcha, Hojicha and Premium Matcha.


Wagyu sanka

'Wagyu Sanka' is a Japanese sake-based liqueur with a hint of bitter orange (daidai) juice blended into it. This is a sparkling liqueur that has been carbonated to the perfect degree with a subtle sakura aroma.


Carrying on history and tradition

Inheriting the history and traditions of Sakai's sake breweries, we brew with great care on a daily basis, focusing on small-batch, handmade brews.

About Rikyugura

Sakai used to be a famous Sake brewing area before.

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It all started in 1899.

The tradition of the Rikyugura has been passed on for many years.

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In pursuit of Sakai-ness, Sake brewed with care and attention.

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Award winning

Rikyugura's Sake has received high praise at numerous awards.

Gold Award

The Fine Sake Award, Japan 2023

Gold Award

The Japan National Sake Appraisal 2021

Silver Award

International Wine Challenge 2021 Daiginjo Dept

Bronze Award

Oriental Sake Awards 2022

Silver Award

HK IWSC 2021 SAKE Competition

Bronze Award

HK IWSC 2021 SAKE Competition


The Japan National Sake Appraisal 2022


Featured on TV and in newspapers!


ABC「朝だ! 生です旅サラダ」






Rikyugura Co., Ltd.

Visit us

3-3-4 Kinocho-nishi, Sakai, Sakai, Osaka 590-0950

5mins walk from 「Sakai」Station, Nankai Railway

TEL: +81 72 222 0707

Open hour: 10am to 5pm

Close: Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and New year's holiday

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