Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Rikyu Gura Co., Ltd.
Name of person responsible for operational management
Akira Kawasaki
zip cpde
3-3-4 Kainocho-nishi, Sakai, Sakai, Osaka, JAPAN
Explanation of charges other than the price of the goods
In some cases, delivery, cash on delivery and bank transfer fees may be charged separately from the product price, which are to be borne by the customer. All prices include consumption tax.
Application validity period
We will send you a confirmation email after you have placed your order, but if you have not made payment (SMBC) for 7 days after the email is sent, we will assume that you have no intention to purchase and your order will be automatically cancelled.
defective product
Please open the package as soon as possible after delivery and check immediately that you have not received something different from what you ordered.
In the unlikely event that the delivered goods are different from the goods ordered, or are missing, damaged or defective, please notify us within 7 days of arrival. We will reship the item(s) again.
Sales volume
For bulk purchases, please contact us separately.
Date of delivery
After confirming receipt of the bank transfer payment, the product will be dispatched within 7 working days.
As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and as soon as the goods are ready to be dispatched, we will send you a dispatch email.
Payment method
Please make the transfer to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
The goods will be dispatched after payment has been confirmed. SMBC(0009)
Sakai branch(178)
name:Rikyu Gura Co., Ltd.
Payment due date
Please allow 7 days after our confirmation email is sent.
deadline for returning goods
The goods can be returned within 7 days of receipt, provided they are in unopened condition.
Please contact us first by email or telephone.
Please note that in the event of a cancellation for the customer's own reasons, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer. Please note that we will not accept returns of goods that have been soiled or damaged by the customer themselves, or goods that are more than 7 days old after arrival. Damaged, defective or wrong product
Although every care has been taken in the packaging and delivery of the goods, in the unlikely event of a defective item or wrong item, please contact us by email or telephone and return the goods within 7 days, cash on delivery.
return shipping costs
The customer is responsible for any returns for reasons attributable to the customer.
In the unlikely event that the delivered goods are different from the goods ordered or are missing, damaged or defective, we will pay the shipping costs.
Qualifications and licences
Liquor sales manager sign
Name and location of the sales outlet:Rikyu Gura Co., Ltd.3-3-4 Kainocho-nishi, Sakai, Sakai
Name of liquor sales manager:Akira Kawasaki
Date of participation in liquor sales management training:17/3/2022
Date of next training course:16/3/2025
Name of training organisation:Sakai Retail Liquor Dealers Association
Trade name or service name
Rikyu Gura Co., Ltd.
3-3-4 Kainocho-nishi, Sakai, Sakai, Osaka
Mail address
HP address